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About Wine

Briefly about Georgian Wine

The wine has been a continues part of Georgia's history for over 8,000 years and Georgian Qvevri (clay wine vessel) wine is included on the list of UNESCO's Intelligible Cultural Heritage, where more than 500 georgian grape varieties are also described.

About Demi`s Winery (Marani)

Demi`s winery is located in Brotseula, Qvemo Kartli region, Georgia. Winery (Marani) is equipped with traditional Georgian amphoras (Qvevris) and modern equipment. We produce premium quality natural wines, which is useful for health and is pleasant to taste. Winery has a special facility to age wines, where needed temperature and humidity is controlled and ensured.


Company has it`s own vineyard where grapes “Chinuri” and “Tavkveri” are presented. Vineyard is processed with Bio (Eco) requirements and best is done to maintain self sustainable ecosystem. During wine making no methods or tools or chemicals are used  which might change wine`s natural organoleptic characteristics.




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