Name     Tavkveri Rose

Color and type     Natural, dry red. Aged in Qvevri

Vintage     2018

Region     Kvemo Kartli

Alcohol       12%

Recommended temperature     13c - 16c




The natural biodinamic rose wine. Produced from red grape breed of Georgian vine spread in Kartli region. Fermented and aged in Qvevri (Georgian authentic earthenware amphora). Wine is not processed and contains small amount of sulfites. Recommended temperature for tasting 12c-14c. The wine is vegan-friendly. The Wine has rose colour with aroma of raspberries and a very well-balanced mix of sweetness and acidity. 


Food Paring

Tavkveri Rose wine makes for delicious apéritifs, and goes well with green salads, chicken salad soft cheeses and desserts. 

Tavkveri Rose