Name     TAKVERI 
Type and Color    Natural, Aged in Qvevri, Dry, Red 
Vintage     2017 
Ragion      Kvemo Kartli
Alcohol     11 
Recommended Temperature      13℃-15℃ 

Tavkveri is a natural red wine produced in Demi`s winery, from grapes spread in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia. Tavkveri fermented naturally without using additives, in Georgian amphoras (Qvevri). Wine is not processed and includes a minimal quantity of sulfur. The wine is vegan-friendly. The color of the wine is deep pink and is characterized by smooth, pleasantand harmonious taste.

Food pairings
Tavkveri mostly goes well with cheese pies, pizza, salads, oriental dishes or with ham or sausages. Tavkeri wine should also be served with fruit.